Thursday, May 15, 2014

The most amazing day!

Sunday I had the most amazing day ever! There were a few complications with my extension group, so me and Kelsey were picked up by some church members and taken to the church from their hometown.  While we were driving, they asked us if we had ever been to Palm Springs, CA. Of course we hadn't been, and when we admitted we had not been, they mentioned that maybe we could go that afternoon. 
The afternoon rolled around and we left after the first church service was over.  It was only about an hour drive.  They took us to the tram! We went up the tram, which is sort of like a huge ski lift but with a tram car instead of the little ski seats. 

It was pretty much amazing! I am looking forward to the next time I can go there.

Life post-graduation

This photo was taken before graduation! I'm still so excited to be a graduate, but I wish I could have taken a few more pictures...I was so busy saying goodbyes that I didn't really have a chance to take pictures. 

I was able to say goodbye to my church family at MVBC on Sunday though. I had my last piano lesson with my student and she gave me this note. It absolutely made my day. I love teaching so much!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello, world of the Alumni!

I finished four years of school and got my Bachelors degree in music. 
It was an eventful week to say the least. 
This is me with my dear friend Sarah.  You'll see her more in future posts as I am going to be her bridesmaid in June!

A picture of me with my college mom/big sister.  I met Kaitlin My first week of school (at WCBC) in 2011...we've been very close ever since.  She and her family always invite me over when I need to get off campus, and I regularly babysit their children.  She means soo much to me!

It would be the sunniest day ever the day we had our graduation picture taken :D

And here I am, receiving my diploma! :) 

And now, I can say I am pursuing my Masters degree in music and that I am an alumni of WCBC. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

The final stretch

Well, we are in the final stretch...only four days left until I graduate. Today we received our graduation regalia! My pink hood is pretty cool. Of course, I can't post any pictures until the graduation day!
I began packing today, and have one more day of work. Finals are finished, classes are done, and I have only to finish strong! Seems like not long ago I was graduating from high school!