Monday, March 30, 2015

Sarah and Billy Wedding

I know I said that I would post this yesterday, but things got crazy...
So here is what I have from the day of the wedding last week!
The funniest thing happened when me and my parents were getting in the car and headed to the wedding at 9AM.  We walked outside to a pretty sheet of snow and were just walking up to the camry when a raccoon trudged out of the garage or from between the two trucks.  I don't know about other places, but around our area, raccoons do NOT come out in daylight hours.  The three times I have seen raccoons or skunks wandering around in broad daylight, they were rabid.  It didn't help that this coon was limping around and running in zig zags up through the yard.  So naturally, my dad grabbed an old fence post...and took care of business. 
Who else kills raccoons with fence posts on their way to their daughters wedding?  That's why I love my dad so much!  I was sitting in the backseat laughing the whole time and trying to get a good picture of my dad, but he was running around too fast.  This is the best I could get.   
The wedding went very well!  Since I was playing the violin for the prelude and processional, recessional and postlude, I wasn't able to take any pictures of the wedding ceremony...:(  I'm sure I will see the ones from the photographer later though. 
After the ceremony, we took pictures.  While we waited for our turns, Hudson was being squirmy, so Daniel was holding him...

And my little niece Ella is soooooo adorable.  Look at that red hair!  She's so cute...

Sarah and Billy drove off in a limo to the reception!  :) 

The reception was held at the Ironmasters Mansion at Pine Grove Furnace.  I had never been there before...its really quite a nice place!  So historical! 
It was one of the stops on the underground railroad, and this is the secret room, secret passage way where they would hide the escaping slaves.  Isn't that crazy?  I loved walking around in the mansion, reading the plaques.

Here is a picture of Oliver and Elisabeth as they wait for food.

Daniel, Mark, Ryan and Oliver "decorated" Billy's car with shaving cream. :)

This is pretty much the ONLY picture I actually got of Sarah and Billy.  They were getting ready to cut the cake.  Which, was HUGE by the way...

And this is me, with my nieces, Tabitha and Abigail. 

The musicians for the reception.  This is the third wedding in my family that they have played music for.  I really enjoy their music; it's fun and exciting :)

My brother in law, Ryan and my handsome nephew Reuben.  I love his smile...he always smiles for the camera, such a photogenic little boy!

Hudson and Martha were exploring the mansion as well...Martha was Sarah's Matron of honor. 

This is a picture of the cake, sorry its blurry and small because I took this picture on my phone. 

And these pictures are definitely the best, but I cannot take credit. 

It was such a nice time to be home, and see Sarah and Billy get married.  It's so crazy to think that she is the third Keckler to get married...time flies!
Until next time!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rehearsal dinner

As many of you know, I traveled home this past Thursday for my sisters wedding!  It was an exciting time, and I tried my best to document the occasion with pictures, but I know I missed a lot of fun moments.  Ah well...hopefully the photographer got them all! 
This post will be from the Friday before the wedding.  I got home late Thursday night, and Friday morning I went to my sister Katie's house to help her and Martha make bouquets and boutonnières.  

Some of these pictures are blurry and small because they came off of my phone. 

While we were cutting out tulle and ribbon, Reuben was enjoying playing with the tulle as well  :)

The day I got home, it snowed!  haha, I think the snow came just because I was visiting :)

I know the pictures are small, but I took these pictures of my nephew Reuben while we were in the car on the way the rehearsal dinner.  He's so cute!

The rehearsal dinner was at a small café that has newly opened in Mt. Holly.  I must say, all of the food was really delicious, and the café was so cute and inviting! 

I forgot to take a picture of the food, but it looked just as good as it tasted.  This was the cute little sign as you walked in. 

And, this is where I started failing as a photographer...I got only one photo from the rehearsal dinner and none from the rehearsal because I was playing the violin. 

I will post pictures from the wedding tomorrow!  It was a lovely time, and I look forward to posting about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy 100,000th birthday!

My dear little car celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago!  She turned 100,000, so of course, I made sure to take pictures of this monumental occasion.

Truth be told, she has been through a lot...I put new tires on her to celebrate her birthday.

Just this week, some unsavory character got into my car...It was Sunday night and I got home really late from church; At about 10:30.  It was a rare occasion, but I didn't lock my car when I walked inside.  Normally, I would leave my bag in the trunk, but for some reason this time, I took it inside with me. 
The next morning, I woke up to the doorbell ringing at 4:30.  It just kept going off, so my landlord went to the door where the neighbor was informing us that both my car and my landlords truck's doors were hanging open and my trunk was open. 

My car registration was strewn all over the street, and my cassette tapes were laying around in my car.  That I can see, I am only missing a few CDs and a little tin of mints.  All I can do is thank God that I took my bag inside the previous night.  Whew!

Annnd from now on, I will lock my doors EVERYWHERE.  Anyway, Happy birthday to my car!