Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life in General

It has been far, far too long since the last time I posted on my blog.  Where do I begin?  My camera has malfunctions once again, so this post will be picture-less.  I think it's time for another cheap, eBay camera.  Or maybe this time I should just invest in a decent camera that will last me more than 5 months...
Anyway, I digress.  My schooling has been going great.  My History of Civilization class keeps me on my toes and always studying/reading.  My Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Religions classes seem to overlap in many ways, so I'm feeling fairly comfortable with them.  There is always the thought that I have to give an oral presentation though, so to me, the public speaking might be a drawback. 
This morning I got up really early in order to practice for my keyboard harmony class.  I have a test today over 15 short pieces...no big deal, right?  Well, they're figured bass pieces.  I'm just glad I've had two semesters to practice my figured bass. 
Here at the church, we are participating in a new program called LoveWorks.  Groups of church members have volunteered to go around in the community doing kind gestures, showing the community that Christ's love truly does work!  I think this is a great tool!  The focus of course, is inviting the community to our LoveWorks Sunday this weekend.  But in the process, we're showing the area that there is still love in this world and it's the Love of God. 
We've already heard so many great testimonies about it, and now it's the college students time to participate.  Tomorrow classes are cancelled and we will be going out dorm by dorm doing things for the community.  I'm excited about it, as it's my first time doing anything like it!  I'll be sure to take pictures (if my camera will work). 

Well, it is nearly time for classes to start, so I better go.  Have a great day!

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Sarah Covey said...

It sounds like you've had a great semester! I had a music class that I had to do an oral presentation in... *shudder* but I never liked the class anyway, lol!