Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The PA State Farm Show

I decided to go to the PA State Farm Show last Friday night. It had been running since the 10th and was going to end on Saturday.
It was fun, besides pushing through the crowd...:-)
This is the famous Butter Sculpture. :-)
It's 1,000 pounds of pure butter.

Oliver and I went to the Amtrak stand and picked up free Amtrak hats.

It was fun! We probably shouldn't have gone on the same night as the Rodeo, since we missed seeing all the Horses and Bulls. But it was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to next year's!

My Monthly Field Trip

For this month, my mother and Lancaster and visited The Landisvalley Museum and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.
I really wasn't expecting much out of the Railroad Museum since I'm not into machinery, but I was pleasantly surprised! I actually enjoyed myself! :-)
Here I am holding the hand of a famous railroad dude.

It was a load of fun. I had a really great time talking to the man at Landisvalley Museum. I wasn't able to take any pictures there, as my camera batteries were dead...:-(

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Sister's and I

To those out there reading this: YES, I am alive! The Holiday's took a tole on me and it took a shaking to get back into the normal swing of things! :-)
I decided to do this post for(and dedicate it to) my four lovely sisters.
This photo was taken at Katie's wedding. Me, Katie's sister-in-law (another Katie), Martha, Lydia, Katie and Sarah

My oldest sister Katie. She's always been my motivation in life to be the best pianist I can be: and now that she's teaching me how to play Congregational's and key changes, maybe I will be!!!:-) I love you Katie!

My twin sisters: Sarah and Martha.
Sarah, notice I put your name first in order of age!!:-)
Sarah has always been the sister I can go to when I've got a problem. You'll always stick up for me and I love you for it!
Martha has always been roommate! haha, but she's also the one I go to when I need something. You're the best roommate anyone could ask for (and you put up with my slovenly messes). I'll love you always!

My sister Lydia:
Lydia was always my playmate as a child, and to this day we still do things together as much as possible. I love you Lydia!

A sappy post, I know. But I've wanted to post this for a year now. It's long overdue!
Katie, Sarah, Martha, Lydia,
I love you guys:
You're the best sisters anyone could ever have!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years

Christmas was great this year as always! We had our family Christmas on New Years Day, as tradition is. We had our scavenger hunt for our presents as well!:-) Although Daddy says this is the last year...:-(
On December 28th, 29th, and 30th, Daddy and Mommy went to Lancaster for a little vacation of they're own. So we went shopping and had a blast making our yearly Candy House. This year we decided to make a candy market instead. We fashioned it to look like the DOT market in DC. :-)



Sarah looks mildly annoyed...:-)

On New Years the family started showing up around 12.
Stuart and Tamara's dogs, Sebastian is the big one, Sabina is the puppy

Christmas dinner
Katie, doing Grandma's hair. :-)


Oliver was the last one to finish the scavenger hunt. Here he is with his last clue, and Mark!:-)

My parents got Daniel a tree stand for Christmas. We had such a time trying to keep it a secret! :-) Martha and Oliver picked it out a Bass Pro Shops while I kept Daniel occupied looking at fishing reels. :-)

My Mom, Stuart, and Tamara

Martha and Daniel. Martha's holding the purse that Daniel got her. HE was having a terrible time keeping it a secret from HER!!! It was so funny!!

Ryan and Katie

Lydia and Mark

and that was my Christmas in pictures! :-)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!~!~!~!~!~!~!