Monday, September 28, 2015

Fort McHenry

It has been altogether too long since I have posted on my blog. Thank you to those faithful readers who have continued to check for updates in spite of my inconsistency. 

My job as a teacher began on August 31st and I have been going non stop ever since then.  I have so many things on my mind that I want to post about, but they will need to wait for another time.  

This post will be about my recent visit to Fort McHenry and to the Dudley Chapel.  
I was driving down the road a few weeks ago and saw a sign reading "historic chapel" with an arrow. Of course, my curiosity took over and I followed the arrow.  It lead me to this adorable, old chapel out in the middle of a field.  

I enjoyed walking around and reading the little old gravestones. 

Then the other weekend, we decided that we needed to visit Fort McHenry, since we haven't been able to go there since being here.  
The day we decided to go just "happened" to be earth day, and they were letting everyone into all Natinonal Parks for free that day only.  So four adults got in for $0 when it would have normally been $44! :) that made me pretty happy.  

There were a lot of neat things about the fort.  It was neat to be able to get the perspective of the battle from inside the fort.  It was also great to see the very place where the Star Spangled Banner was penned.  
This was one of the many arms and powder storehouses.  

This man was walking around inside the fort, but I don't think he was an employee. :) there was also a group of fifes and drums playing common marches from the day.  

It was crazy to think of how this was the very place where the flag still stood after a night of bombardment from the British fleets. 

A view of the bay. 

It was a wonderful day! After visiting Rita's for some gelati, we went to one more park where we were able to watch the sun set over the bay.  

This was a fun day for me on a Saturday.  Like I said before, I have so so much to say about my teaching, my philosophy on learning, my newfound future parenting resolve, as well as a few life lessons I am currently learning.  But I will save that for another post! I'll try to not stay away for so long this time!! Until later!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Road trip across the USA part 3

 I realized yesterday night that I never posted up Day three of my long journey!  So here it is, the third and fourth and final day of my journey. 
I drove through McLean and saw that it was a historical town.  I stopped at this old museum and wanted to explore a little bit, but then saw that it was closed...:( 
I jumped back on the road and came driving up to an old fort called Reno.  This was in  Oklahoma.  I quickly pulled over and drove back a very very long lane in the middle of nowhere to this fort.  Upon entering it and exploring it a bit, I learned that this fort was in operation from early 1800's the whole way until WWII when it became a POW camp.  When it was a POW camp, it held many German and Italian prisoners.  In the very back of the fort, this large cemetery is set up under some shady trees. 

I really enjoyed being able to take an hour or so and just relax and enjoy some good history. 

The fort had its own chapel and everything!

I continued driving for hours until I passed St. Louis.  By that time, it was dark, so of course, I was unable to take any good pictures of the arch or anything. I slept the night just past St. Louis and then woke up early to continue my final day of travel. 
I found the next few states much easier to drive through.  Driving through Illinois and Indiana were nothing like Oklahoma or New Mexico!  I stopped once more in Vandalia, IL.  This was the city in which Abraham Lincoln had his first job in politics. 
This is the building where Lincoln worked.

I drove passed the worlds largest windchime 
And the worlds largest rocking chair 
I drove and drove for hours until it was nearly 4am on Sunday morning.  It was such a beautiful sight to see this Welcome to Pennsylvania sign.   
So that concludes my road trip across country!   Until next time when there is news of my move to Maryland!