Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is just a video I thought you'd all enjoy! This was taken at Pensacola Christian College when I was at camp. This was my first time bowling.

As you can hear in the background, my friends, Miriam and Michael were laughing at my bowling technique. :-)

Even though I basically threw the ball, I got a decent score. :-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rain, rain, rain.......

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a long time! We've been so busy trying to keep up with the work that its hard to have a free moment to write.
This is the newest member of our pets. Our cat had this kitten, and Martha and Daniel named him Peter (for some reason). I normally am not much of an animal person (with the exception of my dog Homer), but Peter's pretty cute! :-)

This is just a random picture of me.....:)
Over the past week, we have had about 7-8 inches of rain!
Yesterday it was absolutely POURING!!!! I managed to get some pictures.
This was when it stopped.

It hasn't rained YET today, but I just hung a load of laundry on the line, so it probably will soon! :-) haha!
I'll post later this week HOPEFULLY!!!!!:-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Music Academy 2009!!!!

Well, where should I start! I guess by saying that I'm home from Music Camp, and I had a blast!!!
This post is going to be ENORMOUS, and very full of pictures.
I left for Florida on the 6th with my brother Oliver. He was going to Teen Extreme camp, which is on the same campus as my Music camp.
When I got to Pensacola Christian College, Oliver and I were separated, each of us going to our own camps.
I met up with my pals from last year, Miriam, Esther and Caleb Hart, and Elizabeth, Melody and Michael Miller.
This is a picture at the Sports Center. From the left: Kandice, Meg, Elly, Alyssa, Melissa and Elizabeth.
For my team, Logan had to wear this wig. It looked terrible, and we had to brush it out every time he used it. :)

This is me in the Sports Center, rock climbing for the first time! I was so scared when I got to the top and looked down! But I made it.:)

Michael and Logan, goofing off as usual.....:)

Miriam and I (I LOVE this picture!)

Oliver, in the bowling lane right next to ours!

Miniature golf

Miriam and Esther Hart

Melissa Smith and I

We were bored one night, so we went to the commons and I played Michael in Stratego. I lost miserably!!!:)

After lunch one day, the guys all had an arm wrestling match.

This is our "poster" for my team. We made it into a "baseball cap" since our team name was the Major Leagues.

Michael was just being weird here......

Group picture in the bowling alley! This was actually my first time ever bowling. :) I loved it!

I think Michael C. was saying something weird here.....:)

On Sunday when we had nothing to do.

This is one of my counselor's, Catie.

Before chapel: Caleb, Michael, Melissa, and Logan

John, teaching Elizabeth some guitar. :)

Miriam and Michael :-)
Me, playing "Poem"

Melissa and Michael who is showing off his bowling shoes??? :)

Michael and Melody


Another picture before Chapel

Elisha got the idea to wear a fake beard for our team commercial. This is Ian, putting glue on Elisha's face. The beard fell off anyway....

Us, in the lobby, I was acting goofy that night, dressed up in my bed sheet. :-)

Me and Elsa. Elsa and I have been pals for two years now. Even though she's in Drama Camp and I'm in Music, we find time to annoy each other!:)

This was the morning when Melissa had to leave, so we were all sad!

This is my friend Abi. She was in Drama Camp as well.

John, Elizabeth, Melody and Michael

This was on the last day. We were so bored, so we just started taking random pictures. :)

Me, Melody and Clarissa

Clarissa, Michael, Melody and I

Michael, Clarissa and I

Miriam, Elizabeth and Melissa

This is an ensemble that played for the Honor's Recital. Jesse, Bethany, Adina and Joanna.

My Choir buddies, getting ready for the big Gala Concert.
Elly, Lydia, Rebecca and Colleen.

After the Gala Concert, we all said our final farewells.
This is a picture of me with my newest family members. Michael, Elizabeth and Melody are now my siblings! :) hahaha!

Jonathan Hoffman (The only other Pennsylvanian at camp!) and Daniel Smith

Melissa and Logan!:-)Elisha, Fritz, and Shiloh

Elisha, Michael and Miriam! (I think this picture is so cute, Miriam!!!!!:-) )

And the last picture....
WITH the orchestra conductor, Mr. Canada. :)

I had a great time at camp! I can't wait until next year, and I hope you all were not bored to death with all of my pictures! :)
I'll post again soon!