Thursday, March 31, 2016

Remodeling the Bathroom

Well, it seems so hard to believe, but it is nearly April!  In just thirty days, I will be married! 
Since time seems to be flying now, Dan and I have been working very hard on the house.  When we originally filled the radiators with water, we found that the bathroom radiator pipes were completely busted.  So when Dan's father came up to visit a month or so ago, the two of them fixed those pipes.  They re-piped the entire bathroom and remodeled it. 
When we first bought the place, the bathroom was set up very strangely.  It was almost awkward to walk into.  But since Dan and his father re-did all of the pipes, it is so nice now! 
Here are a few pictures. 
We painted the walls a cheery, china blue color.  I really like it. 
We also rearranged the tub.  Now it is straight ahead when you walk in, instead of to the right.  

Dan worked very hard to re-pipe the bathtub.  We had to buy a plumbing system for clawfoot tubs.  He was working on putting that on in this picture.  

When Dan's dad was here, he built this vanity for us.  I love it.  The white brightens up the bathroom.  

Together, they made a large shelf we can put towels on.  Part of it will eventually have doors, but those haven't been finished yet. 

Dan was working on the shower curtain holder.  It was kind of hard to put up.  I helped a little bit.

Except for small detail work, like cabinet doors and drawers, the bathroom is finished! 
The kitchen ceiling and walls will be my next post, since we are nearly finished with those.  :)
Until next time!

Monday, March 7, 2016


Good morning!  We have been keeping very busy with trying to fix up our house!  We started by buying blinds for all of the windows...
Since I have never lived in the city before, it was strange for me to see people constantly walking by JUST outside my front door and window. 
I am so thankful to have such a hard-working and skilled fiancĂ©.  It seems like he is able to fix everything! I scraped the chipping paint in the living room, dining room and staircase.  The kitchen was more than just chipping paint, the entire wall was coming down as I was scraping it.  When I finished that, Dan went through and put drywall mud in all of the holes.  I took quite a few pictures during the process.  :-) 
OH! And we also are blessed to not have to buy a stove, refrigerator, washing machine or dryer!  They all were in the house when we bought it, and after a lot of scrubbing and cleaning, they all work!
The refrigerator was the hardest to clean up.  But this is the stove. 

Dan also worked very hard on the radiators in the house.  We had to go get some "new" used ones and Dan fixed them all up and installed them.  
Another little thing I get to brag on Dan about...
He repiped the whole house and got the shower in the basement working.  I can't wait to post new pictures of the upstairs bathroom before and after!  But I will save that for ANOTHER post!

As a sidenote:  There are only 54 more days until I get married!