Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Masters Music Program 2015

Well, I traveled out to California for the summer Masters program once again this year! Basically, we have classes from 8am-12;30 and then private proficiency instruction at some point in the afternoon as well. Classes began bright and early on Monday morning after I arrived on Sunday. 
I took this picture on the first day of classes. 
When I arrived back in California, my car was absolutely filthy from sitting in the dust and sun for 7 weeks straight.  So I took her to the Cruzthru for a washing...

I took three music classes this summer.  Music Theory, Essentials of Conducting and Music Notation.  Then I also took piano lessons.  We had daily assignments in each class, and then also projects.  It is basically like a semester in three weeks.  So as soon as classes would let out, I would do homework until voice class.  Then I would accompany the voice students, then have my own piano lesson, then practice piano for a few hours, then finally drive home and finish the rest of my homework for the evening.  That was my typical days schedule. 

Some of my homework...

On the last Thursday, we all went to Bex for pizza!  

This is the picture of the whole theory class with our teacher Mrs. Edwards.  

And this was at Bex.  There are families of students in this picture as well. 

I did get my Thesis topic approved!  So now I just have to write it...;)  That's it. 

On Wednesday I met up with Faith and Julie to study for our finals on Thursday and Friday. 

I'll say this, even though there is a lot of work involved and homework and projects due every day, the summer masters program is fun as well.  It is a small group of students, which means that we all get to know each other really well.  I like that, because everything is more personal then. 
In this picture, Aaron was trying to throw a "dead" marker in the trashcan.  There was a deal that if we could throw it in the trashcan, we could keep all of the cash in our conducting teachers wallet.  :)  Unfortunately, nobody could get the marker in the trashcan. 

I finished my last class on  Friday afternoon.  Ever since, I have been focusing on packing all of my belongings and attempting to fit them all into my car.  :)  I will be making the long trek across country this week! 
Until later! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hello from the west!

It has been a long time...
Life has been dragging me around, with little time to relax and post on my blog. I went home to Pennsylvania for a month and worked on the farm and helped some with the VBS program at my home church. 
Then I left Pennsylvania about two weeks ago and arrived back in California to continue pursuing my masters degree. It's been a hectic two weeks. Tomorrow, the third week of intense music classes continues, so I am geared up and ready! 
I just got home from church, where I was greatly encouraged by the sermon and service. This was the gorgeous sunset I saw when driving home from church last week!
I will try hard not to be such a stranger! Until soon!