Monday, July 21, 2014


I made my first roadtip across country alone!  It was awesome.  I began traveling on the 4th of July, and arrived in CA on the 6th in the morning, so I was booking it. :)
I tried to get pictures of all the state signs I passed, but I couldn't get Oklahoma because it was dark.

I took a short break at an indian trading post and visited with some buffalo.

I saw the most beautiful rainbow in Arizona on Sunday morning...

I tried to get a picture "eating" the rainbow.  But it was hard...

It was a fun roadtrip.  I have decided that next time I do it, I will travel the old historic route 66!  It will take longer and be really fun since there are so many cool historic little towns and sights. 
I have been in CA now since the 7th of July.  My masters program has been going well, but it is very intense; much harder than college. :) 
I finish up this Friday!  I will post some more pictures later! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Camp Michaux POW

Where to start where to start? It has been a month since my last post which promised to be more in touch with the blog-world.  Since I utterly failed at any attempt to keep my promises in this regard, I find that it is easier to simply post when I DO have the time.  Not that I am bored right now...there are plenty of things I could be doing besides writing on my blog. 
But anyway, I realized that I never posted about my visit and exploration of Camp Michaux.  Considering it is only 15 minutes from my house, I find it sad that I never knew it existed before now!  It is an old WW2 Prisoner of War Camp.  Of course, with my obsession to exploring ghost towns and my fascination with world war two history, it was the perfect visit.

There aren't many remains left of buildings.  Just foundations and stuff...

There is a large what appears to be a man-made swimming pool.  But it was probably something else before water filled it in.  Perhaps a shower house?

This underground tunnel or passageway was just a little bit creepy.

There was a pretty intense man-made dam and waterfall along a canal-like river. 

Prisoner of War= May 22nd, 1945

Across the street, there is what remains of the farm which ran the camp. 

And these are the bunkhouses (or at least the foundations of the bunkhouses) where the farm workers stayed. 

It was a fascinating discovery!  I was so glad to be able to go.  Keep your eyes on my blog as I am hoping to come by a lot of cool ghost towns in the nearby future!