Sunday, August 29, 2010

Going away party

My mom has been planning a "going away" party for me for a few weeks now. :D That was today. By a "little party" I was thinking maybe a few marshmallows, hot dogs, and maybe some ice cream.
But as usual, my mom went above and beyond and had my sisters and brothers bring dishes. We had this HUGE meal...and there were BALLOONS...:D
Anyway, I managed to get a few shots.
Everyone getting ready to eat

My mom wanted pictures taken with all of my siblings before I leave.
This is me with Daniel and Martha.

All of "the girls" , Sarah, Lydia, Martha, me and Katie. Don't mind the weird faces Katie and I are making...:D

Oliver and I. and Yes, he meant to do that. :)

me with Ryan and Katie. :)

with Stuart and Tamara,

With Mark and Lydia,

The one of just me and Sarah was taken on Mark's camera, so I didn't have that one.
And the best: :)
me with my parents. <3

Tamara and I

Lydia and I

awwww, Mark and Lydia.

All of that food must've made Stuart and Oliver tired...:)

I had a great time and my family definitely went really big on the party for me. :D But I loved it.
I'll be leaving for college on the 1st of September.
Please keep in touch! Love you all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Music Camp videos

Some videos from Camp. Compliments of Daniel Smith. Thanks Daniel!!!!:-)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Music Academy 2010

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I went to Music camp in Pensacola FL again this year. Well, I thought I'd post some pictures from that. :D
I had a great time as always (this was my third year) and I learned a LOT. I think this year was by far the best so far.
This is a picture I took and thought was funny because (from the left) Caleb, Joshua and Shiloh are all looking in the same direction. :D

Joshua and Daniel. And Wesley and Jami in the background. :D
We we laughing about SOMETHING at lunch. :D Joshua and Caleb

Joshua, Caleb, me, Alyssa and one of our couselors Kirsten. (She was AWESOME!)

There was an event called Waky Olympics on Thursday night. Basically it was a game to try to get EVERYONE soaking wet. I made it almost the whole way through the night and then THIS guy, Justin....haha, his cousin Kevin and another friend named Abe DUNKED me with a bucket full of water. ARRRRRGH!:)

Me bowling with Robert

Jesse was a WONDERFUL violinist!

My little brother, Michael. I was borrowing his hat.

This is Caleb, Jami and the OTHER Caleb:)
and to the left, Jami and I ice skating

Ice Skating with Catherine

Michael and I trying to kill each other....:)

This is a goofy pic...

This is me, Daniel and KT holding Daniel still until the pic took. :D (Daniel didnt want in the picture I don't think...:D

Joshua, Kirsten, Francis, Hannah, Caleb me and another counselor Meghan. I'm holding up the prize I got for being "Best all around camper"....How that happened I have NO CLUE!!!

Me, Clarissa, Elizabeth, Alyssa, Melody, Catherine and Colleen. We were all kinda like roomates. :D

This was after the wacky olympics. :D

Jed, Ken, Patrick, Micah, Joshua and Johnny trying to be body guards

The Choir

The last day: Caleb, Caleb, me and Stephen

Stephen and Ken

I love this pic! :D Kathleen, adina and Jillian. :D

Wesley, Irineu, Kathleen, Adina, Jillian, Fernando, Leonardo

me with Fernando

Meghan and I

Kirsten with the Brazilian group!

Elisa, Wes and Jami wading in the fountain...:D

Joshua and I

blurry group picture!

The graduating seniors, Shiloh, Melody, me and Wes

Miriam came to pick up her two siblings so we got to hang out for a bit!!!!:D

Arm wrestling going on between Josh B. and Michael. :) This is what happens when I tell them to make funny faces.

Josh, Joseph and I having one of our many unsmiling contests. KT should've been in this pic...he was the king of not smiling. :D

Getting ready to leave...:'( Esther, Miriam and I

As always, it was SO much fun! I'm sad that I won't be able to go back next year. But I guess its time for me to move on to college....YES. I MUST! :D I need to just keep on telling myself that. :)
Until later folks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful Grace of Jesus Quartet

Katie, Kate, Kelsey and I playing Wonderful Grace of Jesus.