Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks in 2014

This year was the first Thanksgiving...being home in five years.  Since my Christmas break this year will be shortened by about a week and a half, I thought I would come home for Thanksgiving.  Also, because I have not been home for Thanksgiving in years. 
I was really excited when we got about 10 inches of snow the night after I arrived home! We even had to cancel church that Wednesday night. 
On Tuesday I went out grocery shopping and planned the menu for everything on Thanksgiving for the meal.  I haven't been able to plan an event in a long was so nice to be able to do! 
Then on Thursday morning, my church had a Thanksgiving service in the morning.  It was nice to see everyone...and of course, take silly pictures on the way to church.

This is just a bit of the food I made for Thanksgiving.  Mostly just desserts actually... 

I had to get pictures with all of my nieces and nephews.  This is Reuben.  He is so cute!  And has such an expressive face...:)  I loved being goofy and making him smile.

Tabitha and Abigail are so adorable.  Tabitha is quite the little grown-up now.  It was so cute to see her mimic EVERYTHING I did.  If I would fold my hands, she would, or if I crossed my legs while sitting, she would too.  And Abby?  She talks soooo much now.  I love asking her silly questions just to hear her jabber on and on :)

And I finally got to meet little Ella Rose!  She is just as cute as her pictures.  She seems so tiny...its hard to imagine that she is "growing so fast", because she seems absolutely tiny to me!

Daniel had all three of the older nieces and nephew on his lap at once.  It was cute. 

My week-long break is almost over.  I have a couple more random pictures from when Oliver and I went black Friday shopping at the Green Dragon in Lancaster.  But I will post them just a bit later. 
I had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and I am so glad I was able to come home for it.  I am not too sad about leaving to go back to CA just because in just a few short weeks, I will be back home again for Christmas! 
Until later!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Another year...

When I was very young, all I cared about was the day I was in.  I cared about my stuffed animals, riding bikes, playing dress up and baby dolls. 
When I got just a bit older, I would look forward to days when there was no school, or days when my family would go to Knoebels Grove Amusement Park, or when I would get to go to Grandma's house.  I would count the days down until I would have a birthday, or we would have Christmas.   
When I entered my teen years, I would look forward to things like going Christmas shopping, or making money to spend, or days when I didn't have to work. 
In College, I would look forward to meals, weekends, spending time with those closest to me, and going home for breaks.  I had a countdown. 
Now?  I look forward to life.  That sounds so vague compared to the childish desires of my youth.  But though it is general, it is long term; I do not see myself having that crash of disappointment right after Christmas is over.  Or right after my birthday is done for the year. 

I haven't done a countdown since I graduated.  And yes, that was only a few months ago.  But any other year this time, I would be counting the days down until I could go home for a break. 
I am trying to slowly change that.  Birthdays are is nice to get older.  :)  I guess.  Christmas time is wonderful, and spending time with family is amazing...but today is good too.  I want to learn to be content living life day to day, not living life so that today can be over and tomorrow can start. 
With that being said, yes, I am 23 years old now.  Do I feel any different? Nope...but I am trying to love life every day, not just the "special" days. 
Just something that I thought of recently: Don't count the days, make the days count.