Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random stuff

Ah, I just finished cleaning the house...:)
Ok, Most of these pictures are pretty random.
This is Oliver...I guess reading for more than an hour starts getting to him....:)

Daddy, planting tomatoes and listening to his MP3 Player.
Today I cleaned out our Hot Tub. It was filthy.

This is the "schoolroom." I guess you can see why..:)

This is the family room

and the living room..Most of our rooms have hardwood floors. People who visit our house always exclaim over this room, because the floor isn't even. :) When I was little we used to play bowling and it was IMPOSSIBLE to play in this room, because the floor is so uneven. Also, our ceiling was slowly falling down, so we took it down completely. My mom liked the look of the rafters so much that she just decided to leave them. :) It does look kind of neat.

This is a picture I found of Sarah, Me and Martha. Stuart's in the background.

And also, I just HAD to post this! I LOVE this movie! Its hilarious ( I think). If your home schooled or have been, you'll get it. And even if you haven't been, its still funny I think!
And that's all for now! :) Until something exciting (or not) happens!

Friday, March 27, 2009

This is a movie I watched with my family not too long ago. I just thought I'd share the trailer for you! ts a really good movie, and I fully recommend it!
Its called "Time Changer"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farming :)

Well, its finally Spring!!! Even though it doesn't feel quite like Spring, its encouraging to know that its here!
I've been keeping busy with planting and stuff. Yesterday Daddy, Oliver and I planted three rows of Onions.
In case some of you didn't know, I live on a small farm. We have five acres, but I find amazing how much we actually plant on those five acres!!! We have about 300 Apple, Peach, Nectarine, Pear, Cherry and Apricot trees...(did I forget any?) Ha ha.
We have TONS of Raspberries too! That's one of our bug products. We have Red, black, pink, yellow, and purple raspberries. :) Seriously.
Anyway, just for those of you who didn't know that I live on a farmette...:)
These are the lovely rows of onions which we planted.

This is looking toward the back of the property.
I took a picture of The Keckler homestead. Our old Pine Tree is still lying on the ground, waiting to be sawed up. The one to the right we had De-limbed.
This is really only half of the house. but for those who have never seen it, there you go!

So I really didn't have too much to say, other than stuff about the farm.
I'd like to just write this brief excerpt from an adapted version of Pilgrim's Progress. I thought this was really pretty.

'The Pilgrims heard the boy sing:

He who is down, need fear no fall;
He who is low, no pride.
He who is humble, ever shall
Have God to be his guide.
I am content with what i have,
Be it little or much:
And, Lord, yet more content I crave,
because You save such.
Fullness to those, is all a blight,
Who go on pilgrimage:
Her little, and after delight,
Is best from age to age." '

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Seminar

Today was fun! We had a Family Seminar at our church. We haven't had one for three years, so this was a big event!
We started out by having all of the speakers get up and introduce they're topics, and tell a little bit about what they were going to speak about.
This is my Dad :)

I was in the Teen group. For the first session, we (the girls) went to a tea party prepared by Mrs. Rosenberger. It was really fun! They're aren't many girls in this picture! Some showed up later! :)
At 12, we took a break for lunch. :)

I was working behind the drink counter, and I took this picture of Mrs. Martinez and Kyle. :)

Mark is SO unsanitary! :) Licking out dirty dishes!

I was working with Mr. Edinger. :) I had a blast!

I was getting hungry!!! :)Hot Dogs here I come!

Now that's just gross!!! ha ha:)

Mark with Oliver

I got this video of us pouring the leftover coffee down the drain. :) It smelled SO bad!

Anyway, I had a wonderful day, and I learned a lot in the sessions! All of the speakers were Excellent!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well, I'm in GREAT relief!!!! I went and did my SAT without any problems. I even saw some people I knew.
Anyway...Yesterday Night I went with Katie, Ryan, Lydia, Martha and Daniel to visit a Nursing Home. I haven't been there in awhile, so it was fun! I played the piano and violin for them, and then we sang a lot. Then, Martha, Daniel, Lydia and I went to Gabriel Brothers (because Lydia had never been there). So that was really fun.
This is us, in the car...:)

Then Today, after my SAT, we all (Ryan, Katie, Martha, Daniel, Mark, Lydia and I) went to Flat Rock to hike. I've been there twice before. Its a really BRUTAL hiking trail in the Colonel Dennings State Park. Its basically hiking over two mountain ranges...
But its fun anyhow.
This was the beginning of our trip. Daddy gave Ryan his Credit Card to buy gas with, but Katie had other ideas....:)

Daniel Fell asleep almost immediately.

When we got there, Mark gave us a lecture on the hiking trail. It was SO interesting (yeah right). ;) hahaha

I thought I should get a picture of the sign

There's this spring right on the trail. I don't think the water was clean...

This was the first REAL hill we came too...Of course We're PRETENDING that we're beat....

As you can see, I was falling behind in this picture :)

A picture of the guys, Martha, Katie, Ryan, Daniel, Lydia and Mark

That's how many ROCKS there are!!!!


All of us, minus Martha

Plus Martha :)


Afterward, we had a picnic. :) It was really cold though!!! We were wagering how cold it was...I said it had to be 40.
But I had a load of fun today. Besides the SAT of course. I'm just glad that that's over.
Oh, and here's a video I got. Sorry, its really jerky, the rocks were terrible and I was nearly tripping.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello to everyone who reads this!!!
Not TOO much exciting has happened recently.
Last week I went to a baby shower at my church,
That was fun.

Then I made bread when I got home. I love how fat the bread looks in this picture. :) I got it to rise in about 15 minutes!

Not much else has happened...
Oh, yesterday I had to take my practice SAT. I was distracted the whole time because there was a squirrel trying to climb down our chimney, and Martha was banging the wood stove door, trying to get it out. So I was having trouble concentrating...That's probably why my score was not as good as I would have liked. But then, that could just be my excuse...:)
So anyway, I'm going in tomorrow to take the SAT.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was looking through our old photo albums the other day, and I came across these photos. :) I just thought I'd post them. I tried to get each one adding another one of us, as we were born. :)

I don't even know what year this was...Its Daddy, Stuart and Katie

This had to have been in about 1988. Martha and Sarah were a few months old.

And this one was in 1989, when Lydia was born.

1991, when I was born.

And 1994, Oliver's year.

I think this is 1996.

And 1998

This was probably 2004-2005.

And this was taken just last year. :)

Its funny how we all change over the years...:)
But anyhow, I thought you'd all find those pictures funny.:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yesterday I was having a chat with one of my camp pals, and we were reminiscing about camp. I realized that I didn't have this blog when I went to camp in July of last year. I just felt like posting some pictures from there! :) I went to the Music camp which was two weeks long.
This is Jamey(she was my roommate, and also the one I was talking to). We were trying to be Mafia...(yeah that's why she has the "Police" shirt on) hahaha. You'll also notice that we're in the bathroom.....

This is Elsa; even though she was in Drama camp, we were still able to hang out together.
Ah, yes, this is me. I'm trying to stuff down this ice cream cone, before I had to leave it behind.

On Sunday afternoon, I was invited across the hall to play a few games of Apples to Apples. That was fun!

ahaha! This is Michael and Logan pressing they're faces against the glass window. They were going to Orchestra practice and we were going to choir.

This was the day when we had a Hurricane warning...we all had to RUN to the McKenzie Building. I was a little scared (that was my first time being "IN" a hurricane), all of the pro's just acted like that happened all the time.
This was my table the one day. Lizzie, Lauren, Stephanie, Flynn, and Bethany.

We went to the Sports Center and played checkers...:) We were bored. I was beat to a PULP by Stephanie.
Left to right: Meg, Gabrielle, Stephanie, and Alyssa.

Me, losing in checkers (I'm terrible at that game!).

This was that last night of camp. Logan, Michael, and Dan were hamming it up! :)
We were waiting on the steps for Lizzie to come.

The Orchestra. They sounded GREAT!

Me. I'm in my performance dress, we were getting ready to sing in front of the Whole church!

haha, the wacky group! :) Jamey, Me, Logan, Michael, Melody, and Elizabeth.
This is a video of my Team...The Coca-Coda's. By accident I cut off our "cheerleaders" in the front. You can only see one of them. There were four teams, and we all had to make up our own song, and our own cheer. This was ours. :) I thought it was ...interesting, but hey, it won first place! :) AND my team made it mandatory that all of us scream at the end...:)

I had loads of fun there, and got to meet a lot of new people. I just got a registration form for this years camp, and I've already sent it in. :) i have that to look forward too! :)