Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Roommates 2013

I have some awesome roommates this year!  We took our room pictures on Sunday morning and attempted to match.  :) 

Some of them turned out really good :) 
Well, today is the third day of classes! So far, my classes have gone really well!  My first hour class is history of civilization...I'm pretty excited about it because I love history. 
Other than classes and work, I've been practicing piano a LOT lately.  Yesterday I put in 4 hours and honestly, I wasn't trying to, I simply lost track of time.  Usually when I practice for over 2 hours, my shoulders cramp up and I can hear the fatigue IN my playing...but yesterday and the day before, I didn't notice anything. 
So I'm excited to think that my muscles are adjusting to playing piano a lot again.  I had missed it over the summer (since I really didn't have much time to practice).
Well, that is all the "news" I have for now...until later!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guess Who?

Guess who is a SENIOR??????
It's hard to believe just how much time has passed since I left for my freshman year of school! 
I tried to get a re-do of the pictures taken with my the left is the picture we took before I left for my freshman year in 2010, to the right, my senior year.
On the bottom, I have a picture taken with Mark and Lydia in 2010 when I left for my freshman year...on the right a picture of me and Mark and Lydia's SON, Hudson.  :) 
So I'm at school now, and I've started working already.  Classes start tomorrow.  This week has been a week of orientation and registration.  I'm super excited for classes to start though! 
Well, I will post later about my roommates with some pictures we've taken. :)