Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big News!!!!

I have BIG news!  It's late, but I'm posting it anyway.  On the last day in December, Dan and I closed on a house!  We'd been looking at this house for more than a month.  We loved it, and the price was good.  There were a few complications with the many different people involved in the sale of it however.  This house has some history too...
But everything finally worked out and we were able to get it for a little cheaper after finding out that there were quite a few problems with it. 
Both the front door and the back door had been kicked in multiple times, so the very first thing we did was go to Home Depot and get a security door and a set of locks.  

Here are a few pictures (blurry because they are taken with my phone) of the bathroom, hallway and some radiators. 

We love this old clawfoot tub, and Dan is in the process of remodeling the entire bathroom right now.  But we have decided to keep the tub because it is so vintage!

We had to replace five of the nine radiators in the house.  We finally got them working, the house is warm and there aren't any MAJOR leaks.  We found the major ones the hard way, by trial and error.  We filled the system with water and thennnnn found a HUGE leak in the upstairs bathroom.  The kitchen ceiling was raining!  We (and when I say we, I mean Dan ) fixed that though.   

There was a refrigerator left in the kitchen when we bought the house and I told the realtor that I was going to clean it out and see if it worked.  She thought that was disgusting and could hardly believe that I was going to do it.  I spent a whole day cleaning it out (there was old food left in there from the previous year, so you can imagine how gross it was).  When I finished cleaning it, we turned it on, and now we have a refrigerator that was free.  I'm sure eventually we might get a new one, but we can save that money now and use it on fixing the house. 

We also have a washing machine and a dryer downstairs in the basement that work!  We accidently spilled water pipe glue on the washing machine, so now it is a lovely permanent purple color...
This was a picture I took of me "helping" Dan to fix the water pipes in the basement.  All of the copper pipes had been stolen from the house, so he replaced all of them himself.  I'm so proud of my sweet, hardworking fiancĂ©. 

Here is another picture of Dan, working on the radiators.

So that is my news about the house!  :)
Other news is that it snowed a few weeks ago.  I was not really expecting it, so it came as a nice surprise. 

It began on Friday at about 3pm and by that evening at 7, I was snowed in.  I made my favorite meal to eat while I was snowed in.  Mashed potatoes, gravy and ground beef....mmmmmm

This was on Saturday morning when I woke up.  We had a bit of a break since there was no church on Sunday and no school Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday!  It was like an unexpected spring break. 

SO that is my new news!  :)  There are only 65 days left until my wedding day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Catching up

It's so exciting to be engaged!  Sometimes, it seems like a dream.  I remember when I was quite young, having the dream that someday I would get married.  When I was young, all I ever wanted was to get married.  When I got older, I began pursuing different dreams as my dream of getting married seemed so far away. 
Now, reality has hit me and both of my dreams are being fulfilled.  I am a piano teacher and have been for five years now.  That was my career dream.  I am a Christian school teacher, and have been teaching now for six months, and that was a goal of mine.  Another one of my dreams was to get married and I will be doing that in just 79 days! 
Dan and I had our engagement pictures taken in November.  Here are just a few of my favorites! 

79 days until I say "I do!"