Monday, May 24, 2010

Mark and Lydia's wedding!!

Okay everyone, hold tight because this is gonna be a loooong post! :D
The wedding on Saturday was beautiful and everything went well!
It started raining a bit at the end of the reception, but it was just light rain. :D
These first pictures are from the rehearsal dinner and rehearsal.
Ryan and Katie

The Happy Couple!

Katie, what a beautiful pose!:D

Mr. Myers, Mark, Nic, Daniel, Stuart and Oliver getting ready to head up to the front

We had a few technical difficulties with the carpet. :D

Kelsey and Katie

On Saturday morning, Katie, Stuart, Tamara, Martha, Daniel, Mommy and I decorated the tents where the reception was to be held.

The Two Mile House, where the reception was held

The two tents

A picture of me...I was annoyed because the napkins wouldnt stop falling over. :D

The Cake, minus the top...

Getting ready for the REAL thing!!!:)
Katie and Sarah. sarah is wearing one of Lydia's hoops over her dress...:D

I love this picture! Lydia and Sarah being goofy...


I started getting scared that I would forget the words in the song I was i wrote them down on a cheat sheet. I ended up not using it though. :D

Trevor, escorting Mrs. and Mr. Wooten

Ryan escorting my mother

Mr. Myers, Mark and the groomsmen

Me, singing "Lord, Make Us One"

Mark and Lydia had a little bit of trouble getting the rings on...:-)

Oliver and Katie singing "Together"


Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wooten

at the Two Mile House

Stuart and Tamara

Martha and Daniel (the NEXT ones to get married!!!!)

Oliver and Sarah

Martha and I

Oliver was proud of his white socks! :D
Lydia and Mark with the Wootens

Oliver and Ryan

I love this picture!!! Katie thought I should take a picture of her and Ryan looking solemn. Like in the Old Days. :D Ryan isnt doing too good of a job at that...

Nic, Kate, Lydia, Mark, Trevor, and Ryan
The musicians during the reception. BEAUTIFUL!

Our Photographers, Enoch and Amanda. :-)

Right before they drove away. :-) The shaving cream originally said "Just Married", but it got washed off by the rain...:-(

I had a wonderful time! I love weddings, and can't wait until the NEXT one!!!:D