Monday, February 13, 2017

Catch up time

It seems like not long ago, I was posting and claiming that I'd be posting more often.  Time has flown by and now I am in the middle of many large projects. 
My husband works with the Spanish ministry at our church and he has been planning to start free English classes for Spanish-speaking people this month.  I will be helping him with that, so we have been planning and preparing for that, and passing out flyers advertising the class. 
In the school where I teach, I am helping to co-ordinate the Fine Arts program.  And the planning and training involved in that consumes much of my times as well. 
In my personal life, I am on the last leg to completing my masters degree in music.  I completed my last online class two weeks ago and began working very hard on my thesis project.  Perhaps when it is finished, I will post it here.  Lord willing, I will be graduating in May.  I certainly hope that this is the case at least, since I already bought plane tickets for us to fly to California then.

This winter has been a somewhat hectic one.  Christmas seemed to creep up on Dan and I.  We actually celebrated our Christmas several days after Christmas.  And we left our Christmas decorations up through January.  I just finished packing them all away on Saturday.   

It's so hard to believe that winter is nearing its close and we have not had a single snow (that actually stuck to the ground for more than 3 minutes).  I'm seriously hoping that before February is over, we get some good snow. 

My ipad is ancient now and no longer takes decent pictures most of the time, and my point-and-shoot camera gave up the ghost, so that is why there are no pictures here. 
I will begin taking more pictures soon though. 
I hope this post finds everyone doing well.  I simply must get back to working on my thesis project, but I wanted to quickly post and say that I am still alive and well, just busy. 
Until later!