Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day and VBS

It never rains but yet it pours! :D  Last week, nearly every day we had a shower or a storm of some kind.  I got used to wearing my raincoat, boots and umbrella :)

I know this is late, but a very Happy Father's Day!  :)  I know I am so very thankful for my dad...he's worked hard his entire life, providing for me and my siblings and mom.  There's never been a doubt in my mind that he loves me: I know he does.  I thank God for the dad that I have...

Annnd the last bit of "news" is that Bible school started on Sunday evening and just ended last night.  It was an amazing time.  We had an all-time high on the number of children who came.  The two buses were packed with kids, and there were no seats empty in the church auditorium.  It was a problem, but a great problem to have.  This only reminds us again that we desperately need to begin looking for a new place...:)

Here is a picture of the girls, during one of the craft nights.   

Well, that is it for now.  I have a lot more pictures, so I will be posting them later.  I'm off to market now though, so until later!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just life happenings

Thursday is the day when I go to market by myself.  I call the Columbia farmers market "My market."  You have to understand, this market can be discouraging because there are 3 other farmers there who charge much lower prices for their product.  So often, we don't begin to sell our vegetables and fruits until after the other farmers sell out. 
It can be discouraging...but I've actually grown to really enjoy the market and love going down there!  :) 
For some reason though, it seems that every Thursday, the clouds are out and the rain is coming down!  This picture was taken from last week,

If you have facebook and have access to this link, here s a picture of me at the market just this past week.  It was POURING with the tornado warnings and lightning flashing everywhere.

We started picking redbeets 2 weeks back and they are looking very good!   

Last Sunday night, I had so much fun playing on the swings and on the piano with my niece. 

Well, that's just about it for now!  I'm trying to take pictures from Bible School!  Last night's all came out looking funny though- I had my camera on the wrong setting all night!  augh!  :) 
haha until later!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bee Keeping

Wow, I have been a horrible blogger!  Horrible....
I'm back now, for a moment, to say that I am still alive, just very much busy with the farm work and this week is VBS at my church. 
I was able to take a few pictures of my dad, feeding his bees. 

If you are allergic to bees, don't look at the pictures, they could give you the hives or something...
Anyway, I'm doing well, just updated my phone, cleaned my room, and finished the first night of our vacation Bible school. :)  I'm excited for the rest of this week!  Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day Activities

Although Memorial Day fell on a weekday this year, I was really glad that we were able to 'celebrate' even just a little with a meal outside on the patio and these delicious kabobs!
After we were done eating, we went and finished transplanting and laying black plastic.

Guess what my dad and one of our workers found?  A snake!  I hate snakes, but my dad assured me that it was not poisonous and that it didn't even have any fangs.  So I held it...

It was scary!!!!

So that was my Memorial Day.   We weren't able to do too much for fun, since there was a lot of work that needed done, but what we did, was very nice.  :) 
This week starts our CSA's!  So from here on 'til the end of the summer, we will be busy busy!  I'll be sure to keep this blog updated though, with the pictures I take.  :) Until then!