Saturday, December 27, 2008

I had a GREAT Christmas, and hope you all did as well! Fortunately for me though, I still have a Christmas coming. ;)
Since I was little we've always gone to my Grandparents house on Christmas Day. So we (The Kecklers) would have ours on New Years Day. Its become a tradition now, and I wouldnt change it for anything!
But here are some photo's from our Christmas at my Grandparents!

Katie and Ryan
Daniel, Ryan, and my cousin Jonathan

Me washing dishes

Sarah, Martha and my cousin Isaiah

Stuart and Tammy

Sarah with her favorite food, baby HOT DOGS!!!!!!

me being weird

Me, Grandma, and Sarah (I'm holding a plate of Dirt Cake, it is SOOOOOOO GOOD!!)

Daniel amd Mark had an arm wrestling match. Daniel won the left arm, Mark won the right. it was funny to see.

Aunt Dianne and Mommy

Me playing Grandpa's guitar. I can't play guitar really, I'm just playing "Mary had a little lamb" :)

Lydia and Mark
Me and Lydia

We had an ice storm the night before Christmas.

I hope you had a Great Christmas! And i hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, I've been keeping busy with Christmasy things. Making Christmas Cookies is something I do every day. ;)
This is a picture of some of them..(I wisely left out the snickerdoodles. I left them on the tray too long, and by the time I was through wrestling them off the tray, it was just a pile of crumbs) :)
On sunday we played Dutch Blitz. From left to right: Oliver, Daniel, Sarah, Martha, Lydia and Mark.

On Monday, Oliver and I went to the mall with my sister Katie and a lot of her piano students. We played right outside Santa's booth.
After we were done, Oliver and Jeremy Carey went to "Visit with Santa." I took a video of it, but for some reason it wouldnt download. I told Oliver to ask Santa how he comes in our house, because our chimney's go straight to the furnace. :)
I was laughing so hard, Oliver looked so embarrassed! :)

Well, Since its Christmas Eve, I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Have a wonderful time with your family and friends!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

On saturday, we had a dinner Reception for Stuart and Tammy at my church. We were really worried that we wouldnt be able to seat 100 people in the fellowship hall, but since my church is small, there was really nowhere else to go.
All of the tables fit though, and the decorating looked really nice.

Sarah, Martha, Lydia, Oliver, Mark, Daniel and myself were waiters and waitresses. This is me taking a break, and eating party mints.:)

The kitchen crew, Daddy, Ryan, and Katie

Me serving my tables:)
me taking orders

Daniel and Oliver

The reception

The gifts

By the way, That is the last wedding I'll be writing about for at least two years!!! YAY!:)
I'm weddinged (I don't think thats a word) out!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It snowed last night!!! These pictures are really blurry, sorry about that.
We got about six inches. There's about 1 inch of ice on top of the snow. Now is when i say "Daddy, did you want to drive today?" hahaha.

This is Daniel. Martha had just finished cutting his hair, and I volunteered to style it for him. This is how it turned out...:) For some odd reason, he refused to wear it like that!

I took this picture of myself right before we left to visit my Dad's mom, my Aunt and uncle, and my Half Uncle(if there is such a thing) whom we really only see at Christmas time.

ahh, yes, its that time of year! I love Christmas time!

Lately, I've really been in the "Christmas spirit."

Last week, I sang Handel's Messiah with our Community Choir, and this week, I put up christmas decorations, and made christmas cookies. Also, I'm going to be piano accompanying for three Christmas concerts. It snowed last night, and I'm going Christmas shopping on Friday...(Last minute, I know);)

Between all of that, I'm in a very Jolly festive mood!:)

This is me making Christmas cookies. Actually, in this picture, the cookies look really gross. not to mention the fact that a container of Italian dressing fell all over me. Thats whats on my shirt, I wasnt slobbering or anything.:)

ahhh, the finished product!

Since nobody else in the house is CRAZY about decorating, my mom let me do all of the Christmas decorating.;)

The front of the house. I would have liked to do the WHOLE house, but my Mom liked the candles instead. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Some of you may know my family. Some may not. Thats why I'm putting up this post about my family.
Our whole clan

Stuart and Tammy

Katie and Ryan


Daniel and Martha

Mark and Lydia

me (Virginia Keckler)

This is my brother Oliver when he is not normal

THIS is the Oliver I know :)

My parents!
So thats my family. We love kidding around, and goofing off together.
And its so much fun going out to eat, because we usually have to call ahead of time too make sure that they have an opening for a party of 12, or 13 or whatever the number is.
Its fun, and I wouldnt trade them for the world!