Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Safe and sound

Well, I made it to California safe and sound.  The trip was pretty uneventful, I met up with several other fellow college students in the Chicago O'Hare airport and we all flew together into Los Angeles.  My first sight, upon arriving in Los Angeles, was an older man, sleeping on the sidewalk...very typical of LA.  :) 
I suppose you shouldn't judge the whole city on just one drunk man.  But still, it was a sight to see. 
Two days after arriving at the college, I've finished registering for classes and unpacking all of my things.  This week will, for the most part, be relaxing and just getting into the routine of school again.  My classes start on Thursday. 
After a long day of doing very little, eating very much and missing home, I think I will turn in for the night.  Tomorrow is going to be a new day!  :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Farewell PA...

The sad time has come again, time to leave home and go out west.  I'm thankful that I had a 6 week break though!  My school gives the best breaks...:) 
I babysat Hudson one last time before I left.  We all took turns loving and spoiling him rotten.  :)

The other day, Mark and Lydia took me out to eat.  I had such a good time with them and Hudson....

I made some cinnamon rolls before I left...

And of course, it started snowing last night!  So my flight is delayed an hour!  Yay!  :D

Next time I write, I'll be writing from California.  :)  Until then!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Going back in time...

I have always dreamed of getting in a time machine and going back in time.  Not very far back in time, but to the 1920's or 1930's.  I love the hear stories of "the old days" from my grandparents and I never tire of hearing them, even multiple times. 
One place where I realized I can make this dream of going back in time true, is at the Bedford St. antique shop in Carlisle. 
There are so many interesting gadgets for sale there and all at a very reasonable rate. 

Of course, I was just posing with the pipe....I didn't start smoking.  :)

I think of many young women I know, who, upon first getting their house or apartment, want to decorate it in new fashion decor.  While there is nothing wrong with this, I find it so much more lovely to buy antiques and see them being used in decor and even in use. 
The other day, my family opened up our antique victorola and listened to a few records. 


There's nothing quite like a good antique store.  I'll never tire of going through them.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ice Skating and goofing off

We went ice skating the other day with a large group of friends.  It was really fun and I was able to snap a couple of shots.  I didn't get any of Daniel of Oliver falling, but they did....:) 
Me and Mark

I think this was the first attempt at doing a whip

Mark and Lydia

Martha and Daniel

Me, Sarah and Martha went to pick up a piece of equipment at a tractor dealership a few weeks ago.  We had fun on the ride, and I insisted on taking pictures. 

Of course, I posed with Daniels truck.  I actually drove it to the dealership.  He still doesn't know.  :)

Anyway, it is always good to hang out with family and just have a good time with them.  I only have one more week being home before I go back to California....I'll be enjoying the days I have!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Homer Keckler

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of the sweetest member of the Keckler family.  Homer, one of my dearest friends, died last week on the 3rd of January. 
He lived a good long life...15 years! 
I can still remember when my dad brought Homer home from work with him.  His name wasn't Homer then: it was "Ears." 

My mom changed his name to Homer.  He just...looked like a Homer, not a "ears."  Besides, Homer was a great Greek poet and wrote very thought-provoking things.  Our new dog was a thoughtful dog. His new name was Homer, and it fit him. 

I was only 7 years old when my dad brought him home, but we formed a sort of bond: one that you would find in Old Yeller or Lassie.  It was my job to feed Homer every morning, and often I would teach him "tricks."    

I remember first teaching Homer how to "stay" and "Come" and simple things.  Then we learned the harder ones: shaking hands and begging.  He was a professional beggar and knew just the whining noise to make when he wanted a treat.  :)

Homer was often caught stealing plums, red beets, potatoes and cherry tomatoes from crates in the shed before we would head off to market.  He wouldn't eat them: just carry them off and sit next to them.  I caught Homer red-handed with this Methley plum.

When I was still in school, sometimes when I needed a break, I would sneak up on Homer when he was curled up like this, sleeping, and take a picture of him. 

Homer was known to make friends with anyone.  We have always joked that if a robber ever came to our property, he'd get away with anything he liked, since Homer would just wag his tail and make friends with him.  :)

Every spring, Homer's coat was thick and poofy.  I would brush him out.  Last spring, I couldn't find Homer's dog brush, so I used my hairbrush instead...He was so happy after I finished.

Homer was a snow-dog.  He always loved exploring in the snow, even though his paws often got really cold.  The day Homer died, my dad found his tracks in the snow.  He'd taken one last trip out exploring to the greenhouse and then went back to his house.  

It can be called sappy, or even tacky, but I just had to get this one last picture with Homer.  My footprints beside his paw-prints. 

I'll miss my buddy.  I regret not doing as often what I know he loved so much.  He loved to just sit on the porch with me, and look at the sunset.  I don't know if he loved looking at the sunset as I did(probably not), but I know he loved my company.  I know I loved his.   

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Oliver began a new Christmast tradition for our family this season.  On Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, Oliver, Sarah and I would drive around to different small towns nearby, roll down the windows and blast the heat.  We would look for people outside and then shout "Merry Christmas!" out the windows.  I didn't do any shouting...I simply videoed. 
These are a few of our good ones. 

I think it's a tradition that is here to stay!  At least, in my book.  It was fun to do, and even more fun to see the people's expressions.  They were surprised, then looked happy.  :)  I loved it!