Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fourth of July family Celebration

It's so hard to believe how the summer is just flying by!
My sister had a Fourth of July celebration and we were able to drive down for that. 
It was perfect because nobody in my family had been able to see Gwendolyn yet, so it was the perfect chance to introduce her to them.  On our way to my parents house, we stopped to see my sister Sarah at her restaurant.  She was able to hold Gwen while we ate some delicious burgers from her establishment.  Yum yum!
Then we went to my parents house where Gwen got to meet her grandma and grandpa for the first time.  She was a little bit fussy after the long car ride; but not too bad. 

The next morning, on July 4th, we made quick plans to take my grandparents out to lunch.  So Gwen also got a chance to meet her great grandparents! 

We had a nice time being able to visit with them. 
Usually when we come to visit my family, we stay at my parents house.  But this time we decided to stay at a motel, firstly because this time we have a baby (and she wakes up crying at night sometimes), and the second reason was because it was SO hot that week.  My parents do not have air conditioning, so we decided to live in comfort in the motel for two nights.  😀

On the evening of the fourth, we went to my sisters house where we were able to see everyone except for Oliver and Lizzie.  I took a few pictures.

Dan and Dan with their babies.  Of course, Dan (my brother-in-law) has TWIN babies.  He is holding Felicity in this picture. 

My dad and Mark

Dan, holding Willie

We were able to get some neat photos of the cousins all lined up by age.  This is the "older kids" picture.  R to L: Tabitha, Abigail, Hudson, Eleazar, Reuben, Ella, Sawyer, Jochebed, Willie.

And the babies!  We are only missing one baby in this picture. 
L to R: Charlotte, Caroline, Lillian, Felicity, Benjamin, Gwendolyn.

It was so nice to be able to see everyone.  I'm already looking forward to the next time- probably in the fall! 
My next post will be of some neat family photos we were able to get taken a few weeks ago.  So keep your eyes out for that post! Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures, thank you!

Katie said...

Enjoyed the pictures, thank you!