Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Granville News Updates

The town we have moved to, Granville New York, is so gorgeous.  It is an old town, and the houses in it are beauties!  I took a walk with our German Shepherd a few weeks ago and took a few pictures while I did so. 
This photo was taken on the main street, of the sight of the old quaker meeting house.  It is no longer standing today, but this Presbyterian church is there. 
This is one of the most beautiful home in the town, I think.

Behind the library and museum is this pretty bridge, crossing the mettowee river.

I think that this is the second most beautiful home in town.  I don't believe that anyone lives in it, but it is lovely!

We are very much enjoying living in upstate New York!  A few weeks ago, we visited the L.L.Bean outlet store near us in Lake George.  We had several gift cards from different friends, and we came out of the store with a whole bag of winter clothes and nice pants for Dan- and we only had to pay $4!  Pretty amazing. 
Turns out that because L.L.Bean is typically sized larger than average, anything that is Xsmall or XXSmall, goes straight to the 50-75% off clearance shelf!  I'm definitely not an XSmall, but at L.L.Bean, I we got some great deals!
Chula absolutely LOVES our new home here.  She sometimes helps Dan to paint at the church...

And although she is fully-grown, she likes to sit on Dan's lap.

And she is an awesome ball-catcher!  Catching and playing fetch are her favorite games.

A few days ago, we drove to pick up a window that a woman was selling, and we crossed the Hudson River.  Isn't this GORGEOUS? The leaves are just starting to turn beautiful!

And to end this post, I have to tell you a funny story.  Now that I have my own phone, I like to play pranks on Dan.  The other week, I called his number after plugging in *67...that causes my number to show up as a "no caller ID" caller on his phone.  Each time he answered, I hung up.  
A few times, I would whisper something unrecognizable, and THEN hang up.  I finally confessed that it was me, after Dan told me "This person is annoying me so much that I'm gonna go to the police and see if they can track the number."
This was the face he made when I came clean.    

Sometimes, it's just necessary to have a little fun. 
I know that this post was a hodge-podge of everything, but that's what has been happening in our lives here in New York. 
I hope that you all are doing well!

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