Monday, February 19, 2018

Fastnachts, Antiques and Quilting

 Well hello readers!! 
I had a great week last week, and so far, this week is going really well too! 
The other week, Dan and I dropped into an antique store in Whitehall.  We were looking for a small end table for our church lobby, which we are beginning to remodel.  We didn't find a end table that would work for that, but we DID see an old trunk that needed some work, but I really liked.  I think the reason I REALLY liked it was because it was full of old letters from the 1800's and those would come with the trunk!  That trunk was $45.  Then the owner told us that he had more trunks, but they were sitting out on the porch.  So after looking them all over, we found this one for $15.  We couldn't resist the price, even though it meant that I didn't get all of the letters.   
One handle is broken off, and the leather straps were mostly dry-rotted off.  We ended up just taking the straps off, polishing up the rusty hinges and brass buttons as best we could and sanding and varnishing the wood.  The canvas is actually still in decent condition, so we are keeping that on. 
I DID find a sheet of paper at the bottom of the trunk that listed all of the items that were shipped in it.  It is clearly very old...and I enjoyed reading about the "puffs" and "shirtwaists" that were stored in it.  The shipping label is on the side still, but the year cannot be read unfortunately.  Now the trunk is in our living room!  I love it...
Another thing that has me excited is that I am almost finished my first quilt!  My grandma bought me a quilting frame and I used it to hand-stitch the diagonal lines.  It isn't a large quilt, but I'm very excited that I actually made it!  I'm looking forward to the next one I can do, which will be a baby quilt. 

The other week, it snowed 12 inches.  Dan wanted to make a snowman, so we did our best attempt.  After beginning to make it though, we realized that the snow was not good packing snow at ALL.  So our snowman looks really interesting....

And finally, last Monday, Dan and I made apple fritters and Fastnachts to celebrate "fat Tuesday", the day before Ash Wednesday.  Actually, we don't really celebrate the day, but we did make the fastnachts!  I remember from my childhood, my grandmother would make fastnachts and deliver them to our house in bags.  We would eat them for breakfast and roll them in confectioners sugar...mmmm, SO delicious.    This was my first time ever making fastnachts myself; I was pretty happy with the outcome!
But before the fastnachts, I made apple fritters.  It was also a first to make those. 


Dan said to me after eating one "Wow...these are great, but not very good for you!"
And THIS picture was taken after he ate his fourth fritter.  :)  I said "I guess you can afford to eat four of them!"

These are the fastnachts.

After they were done frying, I decided I'd use the leftover glaze from the fritters and dip the fastnachts in them.  It actually helped really keep them soft and also made them a little bit more sweet (they are generally not a sweet doughnut at all).

Just on Wednesday (Valentines Day), Dan woke up early and made me breakfast!  I couldn't resist taking this picture of him. 

So you can see why last week was awesome!!! :D  So far this week, I've learned how to grind venison meat, and helped Dan to sand down the whole church lobby and re-paint.  It's been fun! 
I hope that all of you are having equally amazing weeks!


Lydia Wooten said...
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Anonymous said...

I love that trunk! Did you get to read any of the other letters from the other trunk? LW

*~Virginia~* said...

I read the ones on top! One was from a man in the military to his mom. One postcard was from Aunt Carol to Anne....I enjoyed reading them, but really wish I could have read the others...

Lydia Wooten said...

I bet!