Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fixing up the 1900 House

Well, things here in Granville are very snowy and icy.  Last Sunday, we got 12 inches of snow and then another 9 on Wednesday.  Then yesterday and today, we got sleet and rain, so now we have mounds of ice and sheets of ice. 
We still had church today though!!  :D
I figured that I'd post another update on the house.  Of course, these updates and are from the autumn.  In September, we tore the shingles off of the garage and addition roof. 

Then Dan built new tresses and roof to just go over top of the old one. 

We decided that instead of re-doing it with shingles, we would put a tin roof on.  It was certainly cheaper...

As you can see, if you compare this picture to the third one in this post, Dan built a new roof addition to cover the basement entrance and the addition entrance.  Before, the rain water was running straight down the side of the house and into the basement. 
We rented that dumpster and filled it to the brim...  

Another thing that needed to be fixed was the water main going to the house.  Sometime in the vacant years, it had busted during a hard freeze.  Our options were either to rent a mini excavator and dig it up ourselves or to pay someone else to do it.  And considering the fact that we had no idea WHERE the mess was in the 60-something feet of water main, we decided to just pay someone to do it.  It was a good thing that Dan told him to start digging right next to the house too, because that was where the bust was! 

In the back of the house, at the addition, there is a serious buildup of dirt.  One of our spring/summer projects this year will be to grade the whole property either by hand or with a bobcat.  This excess dirt has built up around the whole foundation and causes the water to just sit, eventually seeping into the addition.  Thus, causing lots of rot.  Of course we won't do the grading until it is warm out again, but we were able to put in a sidewalk, which helps quite a bit. 

Dan did the hard part.  I mixed the cement. 

This past week, Dan took out the tub in the downstairs bathroom and found a shower on craigslist that has never been used before.  So it will be nice to have two full bathrooms now, instead of just one and a half baths. 

Between the snow and icy weather, I have been staying indoors a lot.  I am really looking forward to it warming up, even though I still LOVE the winter weather.  The baby Shedd is growing fast.  We go to another midwife appointment Tuesday, and I always look forward to hearing the heartbeat.   
I will try to post sooner next time.  Hope you all are doing great!

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